Refracted World

This mix is inspired by one of the best ambient albums I have heard in recent memory: Kaleidoscope by none other than my good friend and previous mix collaborator Tonepoet. Released on his birthday this year, he describes it as a semi-autobiographical album representing some of life changes he has been going through. What drew me to this album, besides the phenomenal music, is the message that Tom wanted to convey about seeing the world refracted through a metaphorical kaleidoscope to see its beauty with childlike wonder and innocence. Tom has a better way with words so I’m going to cite his words describing the album below. I highly encourage you to check out and purchase his albums, and if you were to ask what other ambient mixes I recommend, his Spaceman’s Transmissions mixes are the first ones I’d recommend!

“The title ‘Kaleidoscope’ was chosen as a reference to the device used (mostly) by kids to refract the world around them and display it in a fascinatingly colorful recreation. No matter how you twist and turn the device, it yields a captivating image that for a mere moment represents your entire world. I honestly can’t remember a time as a child when I thought that every single representation I created wasn’t the best thing ever.

While this children’s toy is a symmetrical world and makes a lot of sense, the adult world is asymmetrical and seen in many different and ever changing angles. We seek to (blindly and effortlessly) navigate through the ether by jumping from one distorted angle of perceived success to the next with hopes that we land on our feet.

In an attempt to feel and act grown up, we’ve abandoned our true inner longings and dreams, our childlike wonder and innocence. Instead of ‘finding the time’, MAKE the time to restore yourself back to that refracted world of enthusiasm and elation with a renewed sense of how to achieve your objectives with an innocence that is a dynamic reflection of your innocent creativity. I know that I will. Peace.”

Also, did you know that I have another podcast called Chill Pills. It features the same quality of mixing craftmanship but focuses on more genres of downtempo music spanning chillout, lofi chill hop and lounge.


Tonepoet ― The Young Boy Finds The World

Robert Scott Thompson & James Johnson ― Stolen Moment

Cousin Silas ― Naomi’s Lullaby

Tonepoet ― Infinity Machine

Good Weather For An Airstrike ― Twisted Knuckles

Geotic ― Filling Our Lives With Each Other

Tonepoet ― kalos eïdos skopeïn (An Ending)

Christina Vantzou ― 11:11

Ben Woods ― Realms of Detachment

Olan Mill ― Flume

Tonepoet ― Memories Of Dust

Toaster ― Shannon

Jordan Christoff ― Wash

Jeff Pearce ― Rain Clouds

Tonepoet ― An Imaginary Stream Illuminated With Bright Fishes

May 6, 2020

15 Tracks

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