Happy Pills

Just like pills, the right music can take you to a happier place. I curate the best upbeat songs into delightful hour-long uplifting mixtapes so you get a dose of happiness with every listen. Ingredients include: Tropical House, Melodic House, Deep House, Nu-Disco, and other EDM genres.

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Something calmer or more chilled?

I’ve got you covered! Check out the other members of the Uplifting Pills family

Calm Pills

  • Ember

    July 1, 2022

Beatless ambient journeys for complete relaxation of mind and body.   Ingredients: Ambient, Drone, Ethereal, Soundscapes

Chill Pills

  • Last Train Home

    June 13, 2022

Mellow and downbeat tunes for times kicking back and chilling.   Ingredients: Chill out, Post-rock, Indie Pop, Jazz, Ambient