Leap of Faith

I recently re-watched the record-setting supersonic, freefall jump that Felix Baumgartner performed in October of 2012 from 39 km high up in space. The words he uttered before taking the leap of faith resonated with me:

“I know the whole world is watching, and I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are.”

I started thinking about the type of everyday moments that we just might look at differently if we could see them from “space”. Then I came across this inspirational post by Sahil Bloom that succinctly put my thoughts in words:

“Important Rule for Life: When in doubt, zoom out. Being perpetually zoomed-in creates two challenges: struggle feels bigger than it really is, and growth feels smaller than it really is.

I hope this mix inspires us to appreciate the bigger context of our everyday moments and to “time travel” to the past or future to observe the present through that new lens. Perhaps that would reveal the manageable nature of our struggles or the impressive nature of our growth.

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351 Lake Shore Drive ― Green Mile

Airborne Angel ― Before The Sun Goes Down (Chillout Mix)

Vangelis ― Chariots of Fire

Aircity ― Raindrops

Scrooge ― The Storm

Lemon Jelly ― Come

Bay Area ― Coronado (Pianofly Mix)

Chris Spheeris ― Where The Angels Fly

Amethystium ― Ethereal

Bliss ― Suns of Afterlife

Margot Reisinger ― Jupiter

Lighthouse Family ― (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be) Free / One

October 2, 2023

12 Tracks

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