This mix is dedicated to all people who dream of a better world, one without the conflicts and fractions that plagued our world today.

Sometimes I like to zone out and run my imagination wild and free. I like to think that one day, somehow humans will find a way to coexist. To be able to give and take. To share this planet Earth equally and fairly among all of us, and to nourish it so that our future generations will be able to do the same.

So when you’re listening to this mix, just set back, relax and imagine. Imagine you’re in a wide open green field, setting next to a tree in the early hours of the day. It’s the break of dawn and the sky above you is slowly but surely starting to light up from darkness. The clouds are clearing up and the early rays of sunshine are passing through, touching upon the grass and creating moving waves of lights. And while you’re enjoying the breeze in this peaceful atmosphere, reflect on what it feels like to live in a city of hope, a city were people loved and where kind to each other. They don’t speak the same language, have the same color or share the same religion, but they’ve found a way to embrace and accept one another, for better and worse.

I released this mix 9 years ago under my previous pseudonym DJ Seroton in a series called Unwind. It was one of my most popular Unwind mixes. Sensational, soulful and dreamy with influence from classical music, it was inspired by the fourth track of the same name by Gregorian.

For something calmer, check out my other podcast: Calm Pills, which are soothing atmospheric ambient albums, seamlessly mixed to help with relaxation, meditation, reading or deep sleep.


Amethystium ― Break of Dawn

Ryan Farish ― Look To You

ATB ― City Of Hope

Gregorian ― Imagine

Vangelis ― Memories of Blue

Chris Botti ― Hallelujah

Yiruma ― Our Same Word

Enya ― Hope Has A Place

Terry Davies ― Epilogue (Beethoven Piano Concerto no 5 “Emperor”-II)

Roger Matura ― Time Is A River (Prologue)

Jon Hopkins ― Apparition

ATB ― Moving Backwards

Brian Eno ― Just Another Day

Hammock ― Losing You to You

Helios ― Hope Valley Hill

ATB ― Trilogy (The Final Chapter)

January 16, 2021

16 Tracks

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