What is Uplifting Pills?

Uplifting Pills delivers mix albums specifically designed to boost your happiness and well-being.

Mixes, or “pills”, come in 2 “flavors” which are: Chill Pills and Calm Pills, each distinctly created for specific moods or settings.

Do you actually make mood-enhancing pills?

No. “Pills” are just a metaphor for the uplifting effects of feel-good music, which is what this site is all about.

How many albums do you release per month?

My release schedule is 2 mix albums every month, one in each of the two Uplifting Pills series.

Who's behind this site?

Glad you asked 🙂

Can I get the albums via podcasts?

Yes. Podcasts links are available in this page.

How can I get my music featured?

I am always on the lookout to promote rising and established talents whose productions reflect our philosophy of uplifting music.

If you have produced a track that has uplifting feel to match one of “pills” categories, let me know and I’ll be sure to consider it for an upcoming album release.

Do you accept guest mix submissions?

Yes, you can do that here.

Here are the things I look for when reviewing a guest mix submission:

  1. Mix should be ~1 hour long
  2. Mix should feature music that has uplifting feel to it
  3. Mix should be free of any tracks that include profanity or explicit language
  4. Mix mood or tempo should match the series it’s meant to be part of
  5. Mix should flow seamlessly (i.e., no abrupt or non-harmonic transitions between songs)
  6. Mix should be submitted in high-quality MP3 320kbps format

Can I join as a regular contributor to Uplifting Pills?

I’d love to add more like-minded contributors as I go along. Start with a guest mix submission, and if I like your work, I’ll be sure to invite you for a permanent spot.

I’m here to help. and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.