Get the Full Dose

For only $3/month, your subscription helps me buy the songs featured in these albums. You also get:


Full-length albums (free members are limited to half)

Offline listening. Albums are yours to download.

High-quality listening experience (MP3 320kbps)

What Makes This Different

Harmonically Mixed

Ever listened to a mix and felt a song transition was weird and “out of tune”? I get it: it’s painful to hear and throws the flow off. That’s why I go through the trouble of sequencing and mixing songs that are harmonically compatible, so you get to enjoy a pleasant flow of music.

High Quality Ingredients

Before I master a mix for release, I make sure that all ingredient songs are of the highest available quality (MP3 320Kbps or better). You will especially appreciate the difference when playing our tunes through your premium headphones or sound system.

Free to stream

I want everyone to be able to enjoy the power of uplifting music, so I’ve made the first half of all albums available for all to listen, no strings attached! For those who care about supporting us to create more, I have reserved exclusive benefits for our members.

Supports Emerging Artists

All good music deserves to be heard. I may play you some familiar songs, but I like it even more when I help you discover your next favorite artist. I’ve designed everything so you know what you’re listening to, and the artists get the credit and recognition they deserve.

What is Uplifting Pills?

Uplifting Pills is a site dedicated to delivering happiness and feel-good moments through high quality mix albums.

Mixes, or “pills”, come in different “flavors” which are: Happy Pills, Chill Pills and Calm Pills, each distinctly created to help you get through different parts of your day.

Do you actually sell mood-enhancing pills?

No. “Pills” are just a metaphor for the uplifting effects of feel-good music, which is what this site is all about.

What do I get for subscribing to Full Dose membership?

After your complimentary 2 weeks trial period, for only $3/month you get to:

  • Listen to full-length mix albums
  • Download your favorite albums for offline listening
  • Listen or download in high quality MP3 320kbps
  • Support me to bring you more of the music that you love!

How many albums do you release per month?

My release schedule is one new album every 10 days (3 / month). That means in every month you will get 1 new album in each of our 3 categories. You can see schedule of future albums by subscribing to my public Uplifting Pills calendar.

Can I subscribe to only a specific type of pills?

The monthly subscription includes access to all albums in all categories. I do not yet offer a partial subscription to a subset of the categories.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Of course. You can do so from your account page. If you decide so, drop me a line and tell me how I can do better.

What happens when I cancel subscription payments?

No more payments will be charged by Uplifting Pills. You keep your current subscription until the last day you have paid for. Once your subscription has expired you will automatically go back to a Free Dose account.

You’re welcome to upgrade back to Full Dose anytime later.

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