Happy Pill 4

Joy: Mixed & Coloured

Music like this mix has infinite power to reach the gap between your heart and soul to create infinite and ineffable joy. So crank up the volume and let it wash over you.

“LET a joy keep you.
Reach out your hands
And take it when it runs by,
As the Apache dancer
Clutches his woman.
I have seen them
Live long and laugh loud,
Sent on singing, singing,
Smashed to the heart
Under the ribs
With a terrible love.
Joy always,
Joy everywhere—
Let joy kill you!
Keep away from the little deaths.” ― Carl Sandburg


Released: December 22, 2016

Duration: 1:00:00

Total Tracks: 14

Ingredients: House, Deep House, Tropical House, Melodic House, Vocal House, Nu-Disco, Trance and other EDM genres




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