Happy Pill 13


With this mix, we’re celebrating Uplifting Pills’ very first anniversary 🎉

We launched exactly one year ago, on Nov 15, 2016, with 9 beautiful albums. The library has grown now to 39, and along with it gathered a small but devoted community of listeners who find real joy in tuning in to this kind of uplifting music every week.

Whether you tap along to the upbeat melodies of Happy Pills, enjoy your favorite drink on a Sunday morning to the mellow tunes of Chill Pills, or simply crave the quiet atmosphere of pure relaxation delivered to you with Calm Pills, there is an album here to amplify the feel-good moments of your everyday life.

Thanks to everyone who supported the site by subscribing or simply writing to let me know how much joy this music brings them. We’ve only just begun 🙂


Released: November 15, 2017

Duration: 1:01:14

Total Tracks: 15

Ingredients: House, Deep House, Tropical House, Melodic House, Vocal House, Nu-Disco, Trance and other EDM genres




1 Comment on "Happy Pill 13"

I have been so sick and the infection is in my jaw and teeth and the pain is unbearable and I decided to play this as loud as I could to try to shake all The bad energy out of this house and it worked. Oh my gawd did it work my pain subsided and was tolerable for the first time in five days and I sat with my dog and danced alone like I had life inside me once again. thank you so much for this you are like an angel to me helping me deal with something horrible.… Read more »

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