Chill Pill 5

Sunny Side Up

Keep your sunny side up and welcome 2017 with an optimistic soul. This mix has the contrast of sounding sunny yet warms your heart with feelings of melancholy.

“Here’s a wishing well
Here’s a penny for
Any thought it is
That makes you smile
Every diamond dream
Everything that brings
Love and happiness
To your life

You will always have a lucky star
That shines because of what you are
Even in the deepest dark
Because your aim is true
And if I could only have one wish
Darling, then I would be this
Love and happiness for you”

― from “Love and Happiness” by Mark Knopfler, Emmylou Harris and Kimmie Rhodes


Released: January 1, 2017

Duration: 59:07

Total Tracks: 21

Ingredients: Chillout, Lounge, Cinematic, Post-rock, Indie Pop, Jazz, New Age, Modern Classical




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