Chill Pill 17

Set Sail

Life seems like a river you know.
It is continually running on,
Where it goes no one ever knows.

The beauty that we pass on our way,
a sweet smile from a friend or lover,
a kiss and tender moment shared,
time spent with family.

They are rivaled by none, it is our own.
the moments shared and,
the memories that we create,
will last a lifetime and then some.

So be aware of the good and bad.
But most of all enjoy the ride,
because life is like a river.

― from Life is like a River by Jared Mangum


Released: February 25, 2018


Total Tracks: 14

Ingredients: Chillout, Lounge, Cinematic, Post-rock, Indie Pop, Jazz, New Age, Modern Classical



1 Comment on "Chill Pill 17"

Ben Cohen
Ben Cohen

Recently I had the great pleasure to hear “Chill Pill 17: Set Sail”. This is the only piece of music of music where I screamed: “nooooo!” at the end. It was like being kicked out of a hammock on a warm summer afternoon bordering on an ocean where a warm wind plays with your hair and you have to get up and take out the garbage !!!! This wonderful piece of auditory paradise was done far too soon!!!! Nooooo!

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