Chill Pill 14

Yearning for the Past

“Ever wonder what it would be like if there were no time
live in every dimension live through every moment
Sometimes I wish I can just be young again
oh what I would do to be able to just go back
all those feelings, all that love
all my memories now floating around somewhere.

I’d live every dream, free of all concern
my heart yearns for the past
but my feet won’t ever take me there.

But as the lights pull me forward in time
and the past slips through my hands
I’ll know what to remember, and what to forget.”

― From “Remember to Forget” by Grodko


Released: November 25, 2017

Duration: 1:03:41

Total Tracks: 16

Ingredients: Chillout, Lounge, Cinematic, Post-rock, Indie Pop, Jazz, New Age, Modern Classical




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