Calm Pill 14


A sunny afternoon at the park lake.
Waves ripple ashore.
Birds sing in the trees.
Children laugh and shout at some playground in the distance.

And here you stand looking at your reflection
trembling on the water, you ask: Who am I?
And your picture looks back at you and answers:
You’re no longer who you were, you’re almost who you’ll be.

Ego te absolvo.

You bend down.
You pick up a stone.
And as you hold it in your hand
it’s getting heavier and heavier.
And just before it’s too weighty to hold any longer,
you throw it with all your might into your face on the water.
And all of a sudden you feel lighter, relieved, free.

And angels start to sing.

― From The Story of “Absolvo” by Enigma


Released: December 5, 2017

Duration: 1:00:50

Total Tracks: 17

Ingredients: Ambient, Drone, Ethereal, Shoegazing, Modern Classical, Post-rock, Soundscapes




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