Calm Pill 12

It Was Beautiful

It was beautiful
It was green and clean.
The smell of fresh air
The sound of the river flowing
I love everything happening there.
I pinched myself to see if it was real.
That was when I realized I was dreaming.
Couldn’t it be real?

― “It Was Beautiful” by Surega Rajan


Released: August 20, 2017


Total Tracks: 17

Ingredients: Ambient, Drone, Ethereal, Shoegazing, Modern Classical, Post-rock, Soundscapes



1 Comment on "Calm Pill 12"


It is too hard to pick a favorite but, if I HAD to, I think it might be this one. Gorgeous! They are all wonderful. Thank you so very much for the the hard work and love you put into each one. Most of all thank you for sharing them with those of us who love music. Each one is a small piece of love which makes the world a better place. Peace be yours my friend.


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