What is Uplifting Pills?

Uplifting Pills is a first of a kind music subscription service that delivers mix albums specifically designed to boost your happiness and well-being.

Mixes, or “pills”, come in different “flavors” which are: Happy Pills, Chill Pills and Calm Pills, each distinctly created to help you get through different parts of your day.

Do you actually sell mood-enhancing pills?

No. “Pills” are just a metaphor for the uplifting effects of feel-good music, which is what this site is all about.

What do I get for subscribing to Full Dose membership?

After your complimentary 1 month trial period, for only $3/month you get to:

  • Listen to full-length mix albums
  • Stream or download in high quality MP3 320kbps
  • Download your favorite albums for offline listening
  • Support us to bring you more of the music that you love!

How many albums do you release per month?

Our release schedule is one new album every 10 days (3 / month). That means in every month you will get 1 new album in each of our 3 categories.

Can I subscribe to only a specific type of pills?

The monthly subscription includes access to all albums in all categories. We do not yet offer a partial subscription to a subset of the categories.

Who's behind this site?

Read more on this here.

How do I subscribe?

Head over to this page and start your free trial.

Payment was not accepted!

Check the following details:

  • Are their sufficient funds?
  • Is your credit card able to make overseas purchases?
  • Make sure your card does not expire in the next three months
  • Check with your bank/card provider that there are no restrictions in place preventing you setting up regular subscription payments.

If you’ve checked everything,  we may be able to help.

Does billing happen every month automatically?


How can I find my latest subscription bill?

We will email you a payment receipt every time your credit card is charged.

Can I keep the albums I have downloaded once my subscription is over?

Yes, you may keep any albums you have downloaded, either through Uplifting Pills website, or mobile app / podcasts.

I forgot my password!

This page will help you gain back access to your account.

How do I check my subscription status?

Your account page lists your subscription status and next renewal date.

Is my account and payment information secure?

We have taken measures to protect your account information at our servers. Moreover, we do not store your payment information in our servers, because it’s securely handled by PayPal or Stripe, depending on your chosen payment method.

Where can I download the mobile app?

Native mobile apps on the way! Meanwhile, you may enjoy Uplifting Pills website on your mobile / tablet devices or through our podcasts.

Will the app consume my data plan?

Depends on your data plan and usage pattern. If you’re a Full Dose member, you can download any album and listen to it offline without consuming data.

Either way, you can turn off downloading and/or streaming over mobile network from within the app.

Can I subscribe from within the app?

You bet. A simple and easy in-app subscription will get you set up and ready to enjoy the music in no time.

Can I get the albums via podcasts?

Yes. Podcasts links are available in this page.

I'm having trouble subscribing to the Full Dose Member podcast

Try entering this podcast address instead (put in your actual email and password):


If that still doesn’t work, and we will help you sort it out.

Website Is not responding/music is not playing properly

Update your browser
If music is not playing properly, or the website is not responding like it should, the first thing to check is that your browser is up to date.

Clear your cache
Try clearing your browser cache and logging out and back in to refresh your details.

Try a new browser
If a different browser works without issue the problem may be related to your current browser or it’s settings. if you think we should take note of a browser compatibility issue.

Log into your account from a different computer
If you can log in and play music without issue we will know it is something in your current set up that is causing problems.

What are the system requirements?

Uplifting Pills on the web works across all modern browsers with JavaScript enabled including Google Chrome (Mac and Windows), Safari (Mac and Windows), Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi. If you’re on Internet Explorer, we recommend that you use the latest version of IE 10 or above.

How can I get my music featured?

We are always on the lookout to promote rising and established talents whose productions reflect our philosophy of uplifting music.

If you have produced a track that has uplifting feel to match one of “pills” categories, let us know and we’ll be sure to consider it for an upcoming mix album release.

Do you accept guest mix submissions?

Yes, you can do that here.

A word of advice: we’re picky about which styles of mixes we release under our different pill categories. Here are the things we look for when reviewing a guest mix submission:

  1. Mix should be ~1 hour long
  2. Mix should feature music that has uplifting feel to it
  3. Mix should be free of any tracks that include profanity or explicit language
  4. Mix mood or tempo should match the pill category it’s meant to be part of
  5. Mix should flow seamlessly (i.e., no abrupt or non-harmonic transitions between songs)
  6. Mix should be submitted in high-quality MP3 320kbps format

Can I join as a regular contributor to Uplifting Pills?

We’d love to add more like-minded contributors as we go along. Start with a guest mix submission, and if we like your work, we’d be sure to invite you for a permanent spot in our lineup.

And yes, we have a fair revenue sharing scheme in place for this.

We’re here to help. and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Get the Full Dose

Your subscription helps us buy the songs we feature. You also get:

All current and future albums in full-length

Download any album for offline listening. They’re yours!

High-quality listening experience (MP3 320kbps)

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