Uplifting Pills is a first of a kind music website that delivers mix albums specifically designed to boost your happiness and well-being.

are for times when you’re feeling hyped-up and excited
are for times when you want to kick back and relax, or for starting or ending your day
are for times when you want to focus, read or sleep

I believe in

Music Curation

relentlessly looking out for music with uplifting feel and positive message, and sequencing chosen tracks so they feel like one.

Production Quality

making sure you enjoy seamless flow of harmonically-mixed, high-quality music that sound just as good in your headphones as they do in your speaker system.

Supporting Artists

especially rising talents that the world needs to hear more of and appreciate.

Hi! I’m Ala, the founder of Uplifting Pills

I have a deep passion for uplifting music of all kinds.

It took form beginning 2011 when I started crafting uplifting mixes in Chillout, Ambient and Trance genres under the pseudo-name DJ Seroton.

Since then, with over 60 high-quality productions, a residency on Frisky Radio and a host of guest mixes on popular online radio shows, I have made the decision in 2016 to turn my passion for the art of mixing into a sustainable long term venture.

With Uplifting Pills, my aim is to produce a consistent stream of high quality uplifting music designed to make your everyday life that much better.

We all know how powerful music can be as a source of happiness. I’m here to prove that.

What People Are Saying

On “Unwind” Chillout Series

Amazing series you have created. Well done! I have deep deep respect for what you have created. Congratulations. I will spread the word about your podcast series. Do what I can do. It and the world deserve it.

Thomas Flarup

On “Drifter” Ambient Series

These series of mixes are probably the best that I’ve come across in quite a while so I’m really stoked to be a part of this. I’m inspired by him not only musically, but also by his professionalism and presentation. You could definitely say that this is his testament to the music that he loves as well as his artistic approach to creating sessions.


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